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it’s 3am and instead of sleeping i’m getting mad about the fact that canonically clear has. like. no ass. in fact he pretty much has negative ass. so i’m giving him the ass he deserves

(+ some extra doodles)

Consolation Prize

When someone calls me attractive image

ḭ ḶṏṼḕ ḀṏḃḀ...


The best costume spotted at Disneyland’s 10k race today. [adamlc6]




The one thing that I never fully understood about FMA was the fact that Ed never got a military uniform.  They literally let the little runt wear whatever.



dmmd fandom after episode 9: image


Fifth in DRAMAtical Murder x Kuroko no Basket set:  Ren x Aomine!!

First off, it’s been over a year since my last doodle in this series (Clear x Kise), and another half year since the first rough sketches.  It’s actually pretty hard to reproduce how I drew the others, and I feel in the end I just did a sloppy job…whoops.  I do want to finish, but I couldn’t get into it until now…but today:
First off, HAPPY B-DAY AOMINE! (sorry, it’s just an excuse to encourage me to finish this on time) (also, since you can barely see his hair with the background, it’s hard to tell it’s him, sorry….;A;)
…and then of course, there’s the end of the KnB manga.  Expect a stream of KnB doodles in the near future…

All rough sketches posted here

Full cast (links to be added as I finish them):

Aoba - Kuroko

Koujaku - Akashi

Noiz - Midorima

Mink - Murasakibara

Clear - Kise

Ren - Aomine

Virus & Trip - Himuro & Takao OR Imayoshi & Hanamiya (still torn…)

Mizuki - Kagami

Sei - Nijimura CHANGED to Mayuzumi (sorry, he fits so much better as a twin…)

    B R E A K  M E . . .

     W I T H  Y O U R  P O W E R . . .




Reading fanfiction is the worst because you start out with “I’ll just read this cute one shot” then suddenly it’s four am and you have 12 tabs open and you’re crying again because THEY DESERVE TO BE HAPPY WHY CANT THEY JUST BE HAPPY


"ew fast food, do you even know what they put in fast food-"